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Once upon a time, Transylvania was the territory of Hungary. The Hungarian king, who was afraid of the Ottoman Empire, invited a German-origin knight society (Teutonic Knights) to protect Transylvania. They founded Braşov in the 13th century. Due to the fact that it is on the trade routes and exempt from taxation, an incredible wealth has been accumulated here. For this reason, the architecture of this place is just like a fairy tale. The city is wandered by walking the most beautiful cobblestones, getting lost without a route among the sugar houses from Hansel & Gretel, sipping coffee in hipster cafes. There is a cable car that overlooks the city, but we couldn't get on it because it was out of order. We found the solution to climb a castle on the mountain opposite. The German population living here either immigrated to West Germany or was forcibly exiled to Soviet Russia when Romania passed to the communist regime after World War II. Germans to this day are only 0.5% of the p